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What you need to know about Cloudy.

What is Cloudy?!

Cloudy is a guitar pedal adaptation of the Eurorack Module "Clouds" by Mutable Instruments. It's based on the "Parasites" alternative firmware which has 6 different digital programs including granular synthesis, pitch shifting, delay, reverb, filters, and resonators. I've kept the same control labels as Clouds and broke out the multi-function "blend" knob into four separate knobs. I also added an output level control.

What is Clouds?

There's a couple videos explaining Clouds better than I can Here and Read the article

Meet Cloudy

Check out this little video about my new pedal called Cloudy!

It's in final assembly right now so it should be available direct from this site in mid-february so check back soon.

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I've decided to stream my building process live on Twitch a few days a week. Follow me here.