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What you need to know about Cloudy.

What is Cloudy?!

Cloudy is a guitar pedal adaptation of the Eurorack Module "Clouds" by Mutable Instruments. It's based on the "Parasites" alternative firmware which has 6 different digital programs including granular synthesis, pitch shifting, delay, reverb, filters, and resonators. I've kept the same control labels as Clouds and broke out the multi-function "blend" knob into four separate knobs. I also added an output level control.

What is Clouds?

There's a couple videos explaining Clouds better than I can Here and Here.

Is Cloudy open source?

Yes! I will be sharing all of my schematics, board files, and code to keep the development of Cloudy open source. I might even create a forum to share ideas for future developments of the pedal.

Cloudy has updatable firmware. So any new developments can be uploaded onto the pedal by the user via a .wav file.

Is Cloudy stereo?

Cloudy has a mono input and a stereo output via TRS output jack. There is a "Pan" knob that interacts with the stereo output of some modes. The mono out volume is controlled by the "output" knob on the front of the pedal. The second stereo channel has an internal trimmer for it's output volume.

Does Cloudy have all the inputs that Clouds has?

Kinda. Cloudy has two CV inputs for Density and Position. It also has a Trigger input.

Does Cloudy have a V/Octave CV input?

No, not right now. Maybe in the future.

Does Cloudy have an expression jack?

Yes. Right now Cloudy has an Normal Expression pedal jack which can be mapped to Density or Position via an internal switch.

*I have plans to update the firmware in the future to be able to map the expression jack to any control parameter. This won't happen overnight though.*

Does Cloudy do midi stuff?


Does Cloudy have presets?

Not yet. Right now you can save four frozen audio buffers.

*I am working on swapping that feature to instead allow the saving of at least 4 presets."

How much power does Cloudy use?

Cloudy uses a standard 9V DC Center Negative power supply and consumes just under 200ma. Works best with it's own dedicated power channel on a power supply or it's own One Spot.

Is Cloudy true bypass?

Yes. Cloudy has relay bypass switching. The second stereo channel is also switched with a relay but on bypass has no signal.

How much is Cloudy going to be?

Cloudy is $385.00

 How big is Cloudy?

4.5" long x 3.25" wide x 2.5" tall (including knobs.)

It is similar in size to the Red Panda Raster.

Cloudy has top mounted power and in/out jacks.


Any other questions feel free to ask below.



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