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New Bender Demo Up

I'm so psyched to have had Brett Kingman demo my BENDER fuzz. Check it out:

Summertime grind.

Check out this sweet review of the KILLER fuzz from Tone Report Weekly.

I've been working a lot lately on making some new pedals and revising the first circuit boards that I initially made for the RIPPER and BENDER. They'll sound the same if not better but most importantly the pedals will look super cool inside and out.

Coming soon are a few Muff versions that I'm pretty excited about. Will have some demos of them shortly.

Also coming soon is a Reverby/Delayish thing that I've been finalizing for production.


Thanks to everyone who pledged and helped out with my Kickstarter campaign! It was such a cool experience. Now I'm working on producing all the pedals you guys ordered and I'm on track to get them out the first week of April.

I'll put up another batch of pedals later this month for anyone who wants to pre-order on this site for delivery in mid April.