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The looping delay mode continuously plays back audio from the buffer without any kind of granularization.

POSITION controls the distance between the playback head and the recording head (in other words, the delay time). Modulating POSITION will create effects similar to vinyl scratching or manual manipulation of tape.

When FREEZE is activated, the content of the audio buffer is looped (stutter effect). POSITION controls the loop start and SIZE the loop duration. While FREEZE is active, if you press and hold the FREEZE switch until the small pink knobs start blinking, the loop will playback in reverse. To go back to forward direction just hold FREEZE until the knobs stop blinking.

DENSITY creates a granular diffusion effect based on all-pass filters.

TEXTURE acts as a low-pass/high-pass filter. 12 o’clock there is no filter.

SIZE controls the size of the overlapping windows used for pitch-shifting – fully clockwise for a smooth result that might smear transients, fully counterclockwise for a grainy, almost ring-modulated sound.

IN: Sets the input level

OUT: Sets the output volume

PAN: Sets the amount of random panning/balance applied to the grains. Only noticeable with stereo output.

VERB: Adds reverb to both wet and dry signal. It’s a global effect so even when mix is 100% dry you can still control the amount of reverb.

FB: Amount of signal feedback. Noticeable with higher POSITION value. Watch out because things can get out of hand past 1 o’clock. If you have tons of crazy feedback happening and the pedal seems like its getting away from you, just turn FB all the way down.

When FREEZE is enabled, sending a trigger on the TRIG input creates a clock-synchronized stuttering loop. Otherwise, the period of the trigger pulses sets the delay time – provided this delay is shorter than the recording buffer size.