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Cloudy has two light up buttons. The right one allows you to scroll through the different effect modes. The left one allows you to change the audio quality of the recorded buffer in each effect. This allows you to go from crystal clear stereo output with a 1 second buffer down to degraded mono output with an 8 second buffer. 

The Freeze stomp switch allows you to freeze your audio buffer, which behaves differently depending on which mode you are in.

There are five small light up knobs on the pedal. When you activate the pedal these light up white to let you know the pedal is engaged. The white lights turn off when the pedal is bypassed. When you activate the Freeze switch, The knobs light up red. If you have the pedal on (and the knobs are white) and you activate Freeze, the knobs will light up pink. If you engage freeze and then turn the pedal off and the knobs are red, your buffer is still frozen until you hit freeze again and turn the red lights off.

There are four LED's in the cluster of knobs. They indicate which mode you have selected based on which lights are flashing. They also monitor the input signal level like a vu meter.

There is an input and output attenuverter marked IN and OUT. This allows for about a unity volume when both are at 12 o'clock position. It also allows you to turn down the input volume of hot signals or boost weaker signals. You will see the fourth LED on the vu meter turn red when your input starts to clip.