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How to update Cloudy

Okay so now how do you update cloudy?

You’ll need a phone or computer that has an audio output jack. I use my iPhone with the little lighting to headphone jack adapter.

1. Download the firmware .WAV file on the device that has the audio output jack. (DON’T LISTEN TO THIS FILE ON SPEAKERS OR HEADPHONES, IT WILL HURT YOUR EARS)

2. Take your cloudy, unplug it from everything.

3. Connect your device’s output jack to Cloudy’s input jack. You will need a 3.5mm to ¼” adapter or a cable that goes from male 3.5mm to male ¼”.

4. Set your devices output volume to around 50%.

5. Set Cloudy’s input volume knob to 50%

6. Press and hold the FREEZE footswitch white plugging power into Cloudy

7. You should see the small knobs blinking pink.

8. Release the freeze switch.

9. If you see the four indicator LEDs turn red, unplug power and try again.

10. With the small knobs blinking pink, press play on your device to play the firmware .WAV file. You will see the indicator leds display the input signal of the wav file, if it is too loud (clipping red on the fourth LED) turn the device’s volume down a little.

11. The small knobs will blink very rapidly to indicate the firmware being read.

12. Let the WAV file play in its entirety. This will take a few minutes.

13. Once the file has finished playing, Cloudy should reset itself and the update will be complete.