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Cloudy is a granular audio processor. It creates textures and soundscapes by combining multiple overlapping, delayed, transposed and enveloped segments of sound taken from an audio recording buffer.

DENSITY: This is the main control knob for the density of grains produced. At 12 o’clock it produces no grains, which means you won’t hear any effect. Turn clockwise and grains will be sown randomly, counter-clockwise and they will be played at a constant rate. The further you turn, the higher the overlap between grains.

SIZE: Controls the size of the grains produced. Clockwise the grains are larger and and counter clockwise the get very tiny.

POSITION: Selects from which part of the recording buffer the audio grains are played. Acts like a delay time control.

TEXTURE: Morphs through various shapes of grain envelopes. Before 12 o’clock the grains are noisier. Past 2 o’clock, activates a diffuser which smears transients.

PITCH: Changes the pitch (transposition) of the grains. 12 o’clock is normal pitch.

MIX: Dry signal CCW and wet signal CW

IN: Sets the input level

OUT: Sets the output volume

PAN: Sets the amount of random panning/balance applied to the grains. Only noticeable with stereo output.

VERB: Adds reverb to both wet and dry signal. It’s a global effect so even when mix is 100% dry you can still control the amount of reverb.

FB: Amount of signal feedback. Noticeable with higher POSITION value. Watch out because things can get out of hand past 10 o’clock. If you have tons of crazy feedback happening and the pedal seems like its getting away from you, just turn FB all the way down.

By moving the grain DENSITY to 12 o’clock, and sending a trigger input, Cloudy can be controlled like a micro-sample player.

In normal quality setting (best quality stereo) there is one second of recorded audio buffer, basically up to one second of delay time if the POSITION knob is turned all the way clockwise. In other quality modes the delay can be longer and in the lowest quality mode (low quality mono) the buffer is 8 seconds and if the POSITION knob is all the way clockwise you won’t hear you repeats until after 8 seconds of playing and it can get a little confusing but very fun too. Also this low quality has a real tape-like feel to it.