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You can use a normal style (like Moog) expression pedal on the left hand side jack near the freeze switch. Be sure to unplug power from Cloudy before plugging in an expression pedal.

It will control either the Position or Density knob. You can select which one by opening the pedal and moving the labeled switch to either direction.

The selected knob will still work while the expression is plugged in and interact well different ranges of use.

 Some fun uses of expression in Position are:

In GRANULAR mode with FREEZE activated - you can scrub through the frozen buffer.

In LOOPING DELAY mode you can change the delay time and create tape scrubbing sounds. If FREEZE is activated you can change the position of the playing tape head.

Some fun uses of expression in Density are:

In GRANULAR mode you can change the frequency of grains produced.

In EMMIVERB mode you can change the decay time of the reverb to swell in oscillation.



There are two CV input jacks that will accept + or - 5V control voltage (from a eurorack module or midi to cv controller) to control Position or Density.

Be careful when plugging into the CV jacks. Don’t push too hard.