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UNITY Day Dreamer Colombian Whole Bean Coffee Blend

UNITY Day Dreamer Colombian Whole Bean Coffee Blend

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8oz bag of the finest selected and sourced whole coffee beans roasted in Brooklyn, NY!

I recently became friends with the guys at Unity Sourcing and Roasting and asked if I could do a small batch of coffee with them. After some cupping (not the suction therapy) I was really intrigued by a specific blend of Colombian beans that had a lot of interesting flavor combinations going on which start rich and bold and end delicate and fruity. It's such a nice balance I enjoy it black or with the smallest splash of almond milk.

Just a reminder these are whole beans. You'll have to grind them according to your desired preparation method. I prefer the Aeropress or pour over methods.

Click here to learn more about Unity Sourcing and Roasting. I think it's really cool how connected they are with the small farms and farmers they buy from, frequently visiting them throughout the year.